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Danielle Cerrone

The Cyber Security camp far exceeded my expectations. I didn’t expect to have fun AND learn, while receiving a stipend. When I received the email informing me of the camp, it seemed tailored to me – a sophomore with no Comp Sci experience necessary, with a focus on cyber security. I was excited to receive a basic understanding on what cyber security entailed since I have held it in the back of my mind as a potential career pursuit. I’m not involved in any after school activities and normally hate being in school for longer than necessary, but getting paid to learn about something I’m curious about for only 8 days and to build my resume is too incredible of an opportunity to miss out on. I’m extremely grateful for my experience in this camp. The professors and and graduate students made the experience entertaining and I almost feel sentimental about it ending! All in all, I had a very positive experience in this camp.

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