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This camp is very useful for those who have no experience in Computer Science but want to know more about it. I had taken classes related to Computer Science in the past but I didn’t really understand the basics of those classes. Apart from teaching basic coding, the class also has a lecture component in … Continue reading

Cyber Security Camp 2018

I was looking forward to joining this camp as for one thing it was at Hunter College. And more importantly, I was looking forward to joining it because it was based on cyber security. Prior to coming to this camp, I already had some experience in computer science and I was already sure that I … Continue reading

Muskan Kapoor

I honestly did not expect to be as interested in this summer camp as I was and I believe that had a lot to do with the fact that teaching style of the professors as well as the TAs. It made the topic of computer science a lot more interesting and easier to understand. Of … Continue reading


Attending Hunter’s Cybersecurity camp was a great experience. It has definitely raised my interest in this field and I know other participants feel the same way. I believe this camp is a great opportunity for women who are interested in Computer Science and it’s a gateway to getting more women into the CS major/minor. The … Continue reading

Angela Lim

This cyber security camp was interesting and lots of fun. It was a good experience to get a better understanding about cyber security. Fun professors!

Camp Review

One of the best experience you will get at Hunter. Both the professors and the instructors are extremely passionate about their fields and it shows throughout the activities/lectures. You will definitely get a sense of community as everyone becomes increasingly comfortable alongside each other. The material you will learn is taught in such an organic … Continue reading

Its A Yes For Me – Big Data

Attending the Hunter College Cyber Security Camp as one of the most fun experiences this summer! It was an interesting and more importantly, engaging camp for a person who initially had no interest in the computer science field. The most memorable part of the camp would be the interactive labs, like launching cyber attacks, or … Continue reading

Annie Zheng

Very engaging professors and fun T.As! I didn’t expect to like it as much as I actually did. I might actually end up minoring in Computer Science, who would’ve thought that this day would come. Free food and air conditioned room for 2 weeks and you get compensated for LEARNING! What more can a broke … Continue reading

A very engaged college student

I joined this summer program to gain a better understanding of cyber security. Given that I have no formal background in the subject, I expected to be overwhelmed and confused by the things I would learn. The professors and assistants, however, explained all the concepts in fun, exciting ways that made sense to me as … Continue reading

Cyber Security Summer Camp 2018 Testimonial

As someone who was unsure about choosing a major, it helped push me in the direction of possibly being a computer science major more than before. Although I had computer science in the back of my mind as a possible area of study, this class allows anyone to learn about the area regardless of previous … Continue reading

This cyber security camp was interesting and I’m glad I signed up for it. Each day I learned something new that I could apply to my everyday life and this was extremely useful. This camp has made me want to pursue computer science as a minor and made me want to learn more about this … Continue reading

Anonymous Camper

This camp was a pleasant surprise. I went in thinking its gonna be boring and just lectures but it was actually quite fun. I had no background at all in computer science and I’m not the best with technology so this camp was a great introduction to what computer science is. The ddos attack was … Continue reading

Little Data Matters Too

The camp overall was a very informative and enjoyable experience. It was a great introduction to computer science, programming and cyber security. I was always interested in science but never touched upon computers. I use computers in all my classes so in the back of my mind I was always curious about software and Internet. … Continue reading

Briteny Xu

When I first found out about this summer camp, I thought it would be a great way to get out of the house for two weeks and that there would be a lot of meaningless, boring lectures. However, I was completely mistaken. I learned so much about this field in a span of 8 days. … Continue reading

We Love Big Data

The Cyber Security camp far exceeded my expectations. I didn’t expect to have fun AND learn, while receiving a stipend. When I received the email informing me of the camp, it seemed tailored to me – a sophomore with no Comp Sci experience necessary, with a focus on cyber security. I was excited to receive … Continue reading

Danielle Cerrone

This camp helped me refresh my memory on python and c++ from csci 127. I really like the DDOS attack that we did in class; it was very excited. I also learned that it’s very hard to hack something. Even one small attack can take more than one hour to set it up. It would … Continue reading

This camp is a great experience for those who have no experience in computer science but have an interest in it. I joined this camp because I had an interest in computer science and wanted to get a taste of what it is about. Even though this camp was more about cyber security, it gave … Continue reading

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